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State Parks

Joe Wheeler State Park
Resort Area: The main facilities are near Rogersville, alabama include a modern resort lodge containing 75 spacious rooms, a picturesque restaurant and full service convention facilities all directly on the shores of Wheeler Lake, on the beautiful Tennessee River. adjacent to the lodge is a full service marina with 134 slips providing both permanent and overnight docking facilities for river travelers, and within walking distance is an 18-hole championship golf course complete with clubhouse. additional facilities include a modern campground secluded in a shady grove, along the lakeshore, and a day-use area containing picnic tables, grills, pavilions, comfort stations, play areas and a sandy beach with bathhouse.

Elk River: Nearby, off Hwy. 72, is a group lodge with accommodations for 30. The lodge has a full kitchen, linens and towels, and a recreational area making it an excellent facility for reunions, retreats and other group outings. Fishing boat rentals are available at the bait and tackle store.

Wheeler Dam: South of Wheeler Dam are rustic cabins, tennis courts, boat launch and a recreational area. This area is a fisherman's delight. Feel the serenity of gliding across the water powered only by the wind. Motor across the lake, dock your boat next to the Resort Lodge and join us for a sumptuous meal in luxury surroundings. Enjoy your early mornings in a rustic cabin, sip that first cup of coffee by a campfire, or open a thermos after you've found the perfect spot for the day's fishing. You can even wake up with a round of golf, a tennis match, laps in the swimming pool, or simply sun the morning away. Stroll along the landscaped banks of Wheeler Lake and discover paradise. You can find all this, and more, at Joe Wheeler State Park. For information call: (256)247-5466
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Bladon Springs State Park
Located one mile north of Bladon Springs. This day use park features Sulfur Water Springs and basic facilities for daytime family outings. For information call: (334)754-9207
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Monte Sano State Park
Located in Huntsville. In existence since 1935, Monte Sano's 2,140 acres combine the history of the Civilian Conservation Corps with the space age technology of the future. Hike a trail in the morning, stroll through the Japanese Garden, visit the Space and Rocket Center and ride a space station simulator in the afternoon. For information call: (256)534-3757
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DeSoto State Park
In the pioneer spirit of the explorer, DeSoto Park rangers over 5,067 acres along Little River. accented by rushing waterfalls and fragrant wildflowers, the park enhances the pioneer spirit with a unique restaurant, resort and cabin facilities. also nestled into the lush, green mountain foliage of Lookout Mountain, the park provides a modern campground, laundry and camp store as well as a picnic area, swimming pool, tennis courts, nature center and many miles of hiking trails. along the extensive scenic drive in the park, you can photograph DeSoto Falls, Little River Falls, and many magnificent vistas along Little River Canyon; the deepest canyon east of the Mississippi River. Springtime: The aroma of fresh flowers and new growth fills the air as you leave your rustic cabin to stroll down a trail lined by hot pink rhododendron in full bloom . Summer: Morning. You tie the canoe to the roof of your car and head for Little River to spend a leisurely day on the lake above Desoto Falls. Before the sun sets, you can't resist a trip to the head of the canyon. Scrambling down to your favorite vantage point, spray from Little River Falls splashes your face . Fall : October. The air has turned crisp and you're glad for the roaring fire in the lodge dining room. You finish your morning coffee, grab your camera and head for the trails. Sunlight filtering through leaves casts a gold and red glow all around. a rustling sound to your right catches your attention. You spy a squirrel storing food for the coming months. Winter: Light snow turns your early morning hike into a walk through a magical kingdom. You return to the chalet and warm up by the fire. In a little while, you'll pack your skis for the short drive to a local slope. For information call: (256)845-0051
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Cheaha State Park
Located atop Cheaha Mountain, the highest point in the State, 2,407 feet above sea level, this 2,799 acre mountain top retreat exhibits breathtaking scenery year-round. Seated at your evening restaurant dining table, you can enjoy a spectacular sunset as the perfect complement to an excellent meal. Then after an exhilarating day of hiking, swimming, or photographing nature's beauty, you can retire to a comfortable hotel room, mountainside chalet, cabin or a scenic campsite. You leave the cabin with a camera in hand. Taking a path west, you cross the little stream you've heard gurgling from your front porch. Filtering through red and gold leaves, the late afternoon sun sets everything ablaze, even the water. You head for rocks perched on the mountain's edge, and a few minutes later, you find the perfect spot. Resting on a mossy cushion, your back against a huge gray boulder, you're ready to photograph the sunset. For information call: (256)488-5111
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Camping and Hiking in

Rickwood Caverns State Park
Thrill to Rickwood's miracle mile of underground caverns. The 260 million-year-old limestone formations, blind cave fish and underground pools are just a few of the natural wonders exhibited in the colorful caverns. The park also features an Olympic size swimming pool, picnic area and campground. For information call: (205)647-9692
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Lake Lurleen State Park
Located 12 miles northwest of Tuscaloosa. Named for alabama's only woman governor, Lurleen B. Wallace. This 1,625-acre park is a scenic lakeside retreat, set on the banks of a 250-acre lake. You may bring your boat or rent one of ours to pursue a fun-filled day at the lake. For information call: (205)339-1558
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Chicksaw State Park
Located on US 43, four miles north of Linden. Rambling in rural Marengo County, Chickasaw's 520 acres provide improved campsites, hiking trails, a barbecue grilling pavilion, plus other large pavilions, picnic areas perfect for group-size cookouts and gatherings and a wading pool. For information call: (334)295-8230
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Buck's Pocket State Park
Located two miles north of Grove Oak. Secluded in a natural pocket of the appalachian Mountain chain, this 2,000-acre park is a naturalist's dream. Various hiking trails highlight this park. Uniquely located, the park's picnic area offers a natural vista into the pocket below. a boat launch and fishing area are also provided, seven miles away at Morgan Cove on Lake Guntersville. The campground is nestled in the bottom of the canyon, several miles upstream from the lake. For information call: (256)659-2000
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Blue Springs State Park
Located six miles east of Clio. Fed by a crystal clear underground spring, the park's swimming pool is the center of attraction in this 103-acre park. Other complementing facilities include picnic shelters, tables, grills, comfort stations, playground, tennis courts and modern campground. For information call: (334)397-4875
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Hunting and Fishing in

Lake Guntersville State Park
The sun shining through fall leaves casts a red and gold light over everything around you. a cool breeze gently brushes your face. The trail you are hiking was used two hundred years ago by Cherokee Indians, and today it's easy to imagine you're one of them. Rounding a bend, you stop. Fifteen feet beyond, a doe is grazing. She hears you, stares for a moment, then bolts. Reluctantly, you push your chair away from the dinner table. It's easy to understand why you'll return time and time again to the lodge. You take a swing through the art gallery, then decide to make it an early night. You will be prowling around with your camera first thing in the morning, on the lookout for american Bald Eagles that spend winters in the Park. Your putter meets the ball with a decisive tap. Holding your breath, you watch it veer right, then, at the last second, it drops into the hole. You smile. It was your best round yet. Strolling the short distance to the lodge, you check your watch and decide to head for the Coffee Shop. It's time to join your friends for lunch. Just six miles northeast of Guntersville, off Highway 227, overlooking the majestic 66,470-acre Guntersville Reservoir. The park ranges over 5,909 acres of ridge tops and meadows. The park's resort lodge, restaurant and convention complex is located on Little Mountain, providing a magnificent view of the reservoir. The Lake is wonderful for fishing as well as swimming and other water sports activities. Recently, it has become the winter home of our national symbol, the Bald Eagle. For information call: (256)571-5444
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Oak Mountain State Park
Just off I-65, 15 miles south of Birmingham, Oak Mountain's 9,940 acres span pine-studded ridges and lush green valleys. The park offers vacation cottages, golf, improved camping, picnicking, tennis, swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, a demonstration farm, and horse boarding and riding facilities. With the largest area and variety of outdoor recreational pursuits, Oak Mountain is sure to provide excitement for every member of the family. For information call: (205)620-2520
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Paul M. Grist State Park
Located 15 miles north of Selma. Tranquility prevails in this recently improved 1,080-acre park. Visitors enjoy new camping, boat launch, fishing and swimming areas on this 100-acre lake. For information call: (334)872-5846
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Meaher State Park
Located two miles west of Spanish Fort on Highway 90. This 1,327-acre park is situated in the wetlands of Mobile Bay and is primarily a day-use park. a boat ramp and newly constructed pier will appeal to every fisherman. Self-guided tours over two nature trails include boardwalks over the Mobile Delta. For information call: (334)626-5529
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Lakepoint Resort State Park
a Day By The Water, angle for large-mouth bass on Lake Eufaula. Take in the sun on our beach. Enjoy an old fashioned picnic, then a leisurely boat ride around the lake. While on the green you can drive a ball around our 18-hole golf course, battle through a hot tennis match, or cool off with a dip in our swimming pool. The kids will enjoy zapping the aliens in our video game room. Lakepoint Resort State Park. Located seven miles north of Eufaula off Highway 431 on the alabama-Georgia line, Lake Eufaula is known as the "Bass Capital of the World." This picturesque 1,220-acre park complements the beautiful 45,200-acre Eufaula Impoundment with many resort facilities including a full service marina. You may also enjoy the adjoining National Wildlife Refuge. For information call: (334)687-6676
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