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Minnesota Historic Figures

James J. Hill
1838-1916: He was called the "Empire Builder." He was a powerful business leader; builder and owner of the Great Northern Railroad, Great Lakes steamships, coal mines and iron mines.
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Chief Little Crow
1820-63: Chief Little Crow was the eldest son of Cetanwakuwa (Charging Hawk). It was on account of his father's name, mistranslated Crow, that he was called by the whites "Little Crow." His real name was Taoyateduta, His Red People. He was a leader in the 1862 Sioux Uprising.
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Alexander Ramsey
He was the first territorial governor and was elected as the second govern of the state of Minnesota.
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Pig's Eye Parrant
He was a French-Canadian whiskey trader who led squatters to the spot now known as the city of St. Paul.
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Harriet Bishop
She was St. Paul's first public school teacher in St. Paul. She was also a writer and worked to establish many charitable societies in St. Paul.
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