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State Parks

Ackley Lake State Park
Named after an early settler and frontiersman, this park offers diverse water sports opportunities and good fishing. Activities: Wildlife Viewing, Photography, Water Sports, Picnicking. For information call: (406)454-5840
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Smith River State Park
A 61-mile float trip down the remote Smith River Canyon provides outstanding scenery and excellent trout fishing. There are 27 boat camps along the river from the put-in point at Camp Baker to the take-out at Eden Bridge. For information call: (406)454-5840
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Frenchtown Pond State Park
This small, spring-fed lake has a maximum depth of about ten feet. It is a favorite place for swimming, sailboarding, kayaking, canoeing and snorkeling. A variety of fish provide fair catches throughout the year. Activities: Kitefest, Non-Motorized Boating, Interpretive Programs, Photography, Triathalon and Picnic. For information call: (406)542-5500
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Salmon Lake State Park
A natural impoundment, Salmon Lake is one of the beautiful links in the chain of lakes on the Clearwater River. Fishing, boating, and a variety of water sports are popular activities in this woodland setting of western larch, ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir. Activities: Interpretive Programs/Displays, Wildlife Viewing, Photography, Water Sports and Picnic. For information call: (406)542-5500
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Whitefish Lake State Park
A mature woodland contributes to this pleasant, secluded campground and beach. Boating, swimming and fishing are popular activities and the lake is rarely windy so it provides ideal conditions for water-skiing. Activities: Wildlife Viewing, Photography and Water Sports. For information call: (406)862-3991
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Camping and Hiking in

Sluice Boxes State Park
Mines and ghost towns along an abandoned railroad grade remind you of past mining days as Belt Creek winds through a beautiful canyon carved in limestone. This rugged area has seen its share of prospectors searching for precious metals, miners, muleskinners, smeltermen and railroaders building bridges. The Barker mines and the Montana Central Railroad are just a part of the rich history of this park. For information call: (406)454-5840
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Medicine Rocks State Park
Medicine Rocks preserves a rugged and beautiful sample of sprawling eastern Montana. Native Americans came here to contact magical spirits thought to reside among the unique sandstone rock formations. 12 campsites are available. For information call: (406)232-0900
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Lone Pine State Park
The park offers a self-guided nature trail and several informal hiking trails, as well as horse trails and an archery range. There are three scenic overlooks that provide views from Flathead Lake to Big Mountain Ski Area. The visitor center has nature and interpretive programs. Trails include 3 horse riding trails, 3 bike trails and 3 hiking trails. For information call: (406)755-2706
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Painted Rocks State Park
Located in the Bitterroot Mountains, Painted Rocks Reservoir offers boating, camping, and fishing in a scenic, western pine-forest setting. 25 trailer spots are available. For information call: (406)542-5500
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Beavertail Hill State Park
This park has one-half mile of Clark Fork River frontage that provides fishing and floating opportunities. Developed campsites and two tipi rentals are available under a thick canopy of river cottonwoods that also has an enjoyable walking nature trail. For information call: (406)542-5500
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Hunting and Fishing in

Black Sandy State Park
One of the few public parks on the shores near Hauser Dam as interpretive displays describe the history of this area. Extremely popular for boating, kokanee salmon and trout fishing, and water-skiing take-off point. For information call: (406)444-4720
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Cooney Reservoir State Park
This irrigation reservoir is the most popular recreation area serving south-central Montana. Attractions include good walleye and rainbow trout fishing. Boating opportunities are abundant, and lots of camping space is available. For information call:(406)445-2326
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Wild Horse Island, Flathead Lake State
One of the largest parks in the inland U.S., this primitive park is noted for its endangered palouse prairie plant species and incredible wildlife. Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, mule deer, songbirds, waterfowl, bald eagles and wild horses make this island their home. Boat access via Big Arm is carefully regulated. For information call: (406)752-5501
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Hell Creek State Park
On the Hell Creek Arm of Fort Peck Lake, this park provides facilities for most water sports, as well as, excellent walleye fishing. Hell Creek also serves as a launching point for boat camping in the wild and scenic Missouri Breaks. Walleye Tournaments are held here. For information call: (406)232-0900
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Yellow Bay, Flathead Lake State Park
Yellow Bay is in the heart of the famous Montana sweet cherry orchards. Cherry blossoms color the hillsides during the spring. The park includes Yellow Bay Creek and a wide beach popular with swimmers and sunbathers. Other activities include scuba diving, bird watching, boating and fishing. For information call: (406)752-5501
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Other Outdoor Activities

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