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State Parks

Bottomless Lakes State Park
Actually seven small park lakes bordered by high red bluffs, Bottomless Lakes State Park offers a variety of sports including hiking, swimming, fishing, and scuba diving. . For information call: (505)624-6058
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Oasis State Park
A true oasis, Oasis State Park is set among cottonwood trees, shifting sand dunes, and a small fishing lake. More than 80 bird species make their home at the park during the year. It's especially ideal in winter. Look for great blue heron, ring-neck pheasant, quail, and western sandpiper. For information call: (505)356-5331
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Villanueva State Park
Villanueva State Park is a charming riverside park situated in a canyon of red and yellow sandstone cliffs. Towering cottonwoods and a variety of other native trees and shrubs add additional color to the landscape. The park's adobe-style picnic shelters were designed and grouped to resemble a Spanish hamlet, similar to those that existed in the area in earlier times. A footbridge gives hikers access to trails leading along the river to other sites, including a prehistoric Indian ruin and a cliff-top vantage point. For information call: (505)421-2957
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Morphy Lake State Park
This undeveloped area is accessible by foot or by high-clearance vehicle. Low-clearance vehicles and motorhomes should call ahead to the park manager for road conditions. Hidden among a forest of pine trees, Morphy Lake State Park is found at the end of a three mile road that is steep and may be rough at times. Located in the heart of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, privacy is easily found throughout this secluded park. Visitors are reminded this is a PACK-IN, PACK-OUT park. For information call: (505)387-2328
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Elephant Butte Lake State Park
The largest and most popular lake in New Mexico, Elephant Butte Lake State Park provides a setting for every imaginable water sport. The visitor center offers regional interpretive exhibits. The mild climate of the area make this park a popular year-round destination. For information call: (505)744-5421
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Camping and Hiking in

City of Rocks State Park
Formed of volcanic ash 30 million years ago and sculpted by wind and water into rows of monolithic blocks, City of Rocks State Park takes its name from these incredible rock formations. Cactus gardens and hiking trails add to this unique destination. For information call: (505)536-2800
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Heron Lake State Park
A picturesque lake set among tall pines, Heron Lake State Park has been designated a "quiet lake" where boats operate at no-wake speeds only. This park is known for its excellent sailing, fishing, cross-country skiing, and hiking. Several scenic campgrounds line the shore of this scenic lake--primitive and full developed campsites are available for every taste. Access the hiking and fishing trail along the gorgeous Rio Chama from the dramatic caprock stairway near Heron Dam. The 5.5 mile trail which crosses the river by suspension bridge, affords panoramic views and an adventurous route to neighboring El Vado Lake. For information call: (505)588-7470
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Rockhound State Park
Located on the rugged west slope of the Little Florida Mountains, Rockhound State Park is a favorite for "rockhounds" because of the abundant agates and quartz crystals found there. Hiking trails provide spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. Scattered throughout the park are rock and mineral specimens of volcanic origin. These treasures range from varieties of silica minerals, quartz crystals, chalcedony, Agate, and common opal. The hiking trails at the park provide visitors with climbs of varying degrees of difficulty and breathtaking views. Reaching the top, visitors survey the 7,000 foot peaks of the Florida Mountains. Turquoise is mined in the Burro Mountains to the northeast. For information call: (505)546-6182
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Santa Rosa Lake State Park
Santa Rosa Lake State Park, a high plains Pecos River reservoir, offers a variety of water sports. Anglers often catch bass, catfish, and walleye. Hiking trails wind through the wild areas around the lake. For information call: (505)472-3110
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Cimarron Canyon State Park
Set in New Mexico's high country, where spectacular palisade cliffs and clear running waters dominate the landscape, Cimarron Canyon State Park is part of the 33,116-acre Colin Neblett Wildlife Area -- the largest wildlife area in the state. Crenelated granite formations make up sheer palisade cliffs that dominate the park's scenery. You can climb the rocks along the palisades with a special-use permit from the park. From the main canyon, day hikes and cross-country skiing are popular. For information call: (505)377-6271
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Hunting and Fishing in

Blue Water State Park
Rolling hills studded with pinon and juniper trees encircle the lake, which is stocked with trout and catfish. Bluewater Lake State Park is popular for boating and year-round fishing. Bluewater Lake and Bluewater Creek are stocked with rainbow trout, native or cutthroat trout, and catfish, with trout weighing up to 9 pounds having been caught in the lake. Numerous good fishing areas are easily reached by car. The park also is a popular spot for ice fishing in the winter months. For information call: (505)876-2391
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Brantley Lake State Park
Brantley Lake State Park, a southern desert park, is a refreshing place to fish and enjoy other water sports. The visitor center includes historical exhibits about the Wild West Town of Seven Rivers. Anglers can catch a variety of warm water fish such as largemouth bass, walleye, channel catfish, white bass, bluegill, and crappie. For information call: (505)457-2384
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Coyote Creek State Park
Coyote Creek State Park is nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains along a meandering stream. Enclosed by a forest of spruce and pine, the small valley displays abundant wildflowers and beautiful fall foliage. The park is ideal for fishing, family camping and leisurely nature walks. For information call: (505)387-2328
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Leasburg Dam State Park
Leasburg Dam State Park offers fishing, canoeing and kayaking. The dam channels water from the Rio Grande for irrigation in the Mesilla Valley. Nearby Fort Selden State Monument has a museum and trails at the site of a 19th century army outpost. For information call: (505)524-4068
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Storrie Lake State Park
Favorable summer breezes attract colorful wind-surfing boards to Storrie Lake State Park, which is also popular for fishing and boating. The visitor center features historical exhibits about the Santa Fe Trail and 19th century Las Vegas. The lake's serene waters are open for fishing year-round. Storrie Lake boasts consistent winds that provide excellent conditions for sailing and windsurfing. For information call: (505)425-7278
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