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Missouri Historic Figures

Harry S Truman
1884-1972: 33rd President of the U.S. and one of Missouri's most famous native sons. Born in Lamar in 1884, Truman was a Jackson County judge, U.S. Senator and Vice-President before serving as President, 1945-1953. Truman is best remembered as "the man from Independence." his boyhood homes, the summer White House, his first courtroom, the Truman Library and Museum, and his gravesite all can be seen in the Independence area.
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Samuel Clemens
1835-1910: Growing up in Hannibal, watching riverboats on the Mississippi. It was from riverboat jargon that he took his pen name - Mark Twain. his love for the river and for his Missouri boyhood is best reflected in his stories about Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. The Twain Home and a statue of Tom and Huck can be seen in Hannibal today..In nearby Florida, Mo., Twain's birthplace is preserved as a state historic site.
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George Washington Carver
1861-1943: Born a slave near Diamond, Mo., overcame tremendous obstacles to become one of America's greatest scientists. he is best remembered for his practical research, helping farmers make a better living from marginal soil. Visitors to the George Washington Carver National Monument near Diamond can see his birthplace cabin site, a statue of Carver as a boy, the Moses Carver house and rock-walled family cemetery.
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John J Pershing
1860-1948: Born in 1860 near Laclede, Mo., became one of America's most distinguished military leaders. His long career included graduation from West Point, service in the Spanish-American War and in the campaign against Mexican bandit pancho Villa. in World War I, he commanded the American forces in Europe. Pershing's boyhood home in Laclede is now a state historic site, restored with period furnishings.
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Daniel Boone
1734-1820: Truly a legend in his own time. He was a pioneer, scout, Indian fighter and, in later years, a Missourian. Boone came to Missouri in 1799 as governor of the Spanish-ruled Missouri territory. From the home in Defiance which he built with his son Nathan, Daniel served as a judge. He explored much of the state and is remembered at places such as Boonville, Boone Cave and Boone's Lick. The stone home at Defiance where Boone died in 1820 has been restored and is open today.
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